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Credentials are used to configure authentication and configuration connection for integrations.

You may have as many credentials as you need, and each one must have an unique name.

Credentials must be defined selecting the integration type and filling the required information.

Once the credential is defined, you can use them from source code. There are snippet suggestions for every integration and a sample could be:

New snowflake integration from credential
const snowflakeClient = yepcode.integration.snowflake("my-company-snowflake");

Currently this integration helper only supports plain strings. Expressions or passing a value by a variable is not supported. Therefore the code of these examples bellow will not work.

let credentialName = "my-company-snowflake";
const snowflakeClient = yepcode.integration.snowflake(credentialName);
const snowflakeClient = yepcode.integration.snowflake(
environment === "production"
? "my-company-snowflake"
: "my-company-snowflake-staging"